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Ever got an idea? The moment when you’re like: ‘This is it! I was made to do this..’
I’m sure all of us have gotten these ideas many many times in our lives. But the question is, do we hold on to these ideas? Do we try to bring the ideas to life? Because that’s the real test.
You see, we get two types of thoughts in our minds. The better word for ‘thoughts’ would be الهام but I can’t literally translate it. Anyway, the two types are: from Allah & from Shaytaan (Satan). The ones we get from Allah are very few. Let’s say 5 out of 100. But the ones we get from Shaytaan are way too frequent. The bad ‘ideas’ keep coming to us. The test lies here. Do we put aside the bad ideas and try to grab on to the good ones? Or do we fall prey to the devil’s works?
Why should we grab on to the good ideas? Because Allah gives us those ideas. He knows we’re capable of bringing them to life. The sad thing is, people around us discourage us too much. ‘YOU’re going to do this? YOU? Haha!’ :/
One extremely motivating real story is that of Imam Bukhari (heard the name? Think why.) The very incomplete introduction of this guy is that he compiled the most authentic Ahadeeth (sayings of the Prophet (SAW)) and did research on the اسناد (chains of transmitters) of those Ahadeeth. It’s easy to say this. Did you know, one Hadith might have multiple chains and one chain has multiple transmitters. And what was the research? Checking each transmitter (narrator), whether he had good character, was he truthful, what did people say about him, did he follow the Sunnah etc. Another interesting fact: most of the transmitters were dead in his time. :)
Can you imagine the intensity of hard work he did to provide us with the most authentic book in Islam after Quran?
How did it all start? With an idea! He used to get the feeling in his مكتب (elementary school) that he should start memorizing the Ahadeeth. And by the age of 16, he had memorized more than 70,000 Ahadeeth. The best scholars of that time were afraid to narrate Ahadeeth in front of him for the fear of committing a mistake.
THAT was Imam Bukhari! Been years since he died but his work still remains with all it’s authenticity and proof. See the benefit of holding on to the good ideas? Allah always helps you – in your life and after it.
So, be confident. Get ideas. And go for them! (If you want fame like Imam Bukhari.)

Read more on the life of Imam Bukhari here: http://www.central-mosque.com/biographies/ImaamBukhari.htm


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