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Hadith No. 4 – Sahih al-Bukhari



When was the last time you ‘listened’ to Qur’an recitation?

Volume 1, Book 1, Number 4:

Narrated Said bin Jubair:

Ibn ‘Abbas in the explanation of the Statement of Allah. ‘Move not your tongue concerning (the Quran) to make haste therewith.” (75.16) Said “Allah’s Apostle used to bear the revelation with great trouble and used to move his lips (quickly) with the Inspiration.” Ibn ‘Abbas moved his lips saying, “I am moving my lips in front of you as Allah’s Apostle used to move his.” Said moved his lips saying: “I am moving my lips, as I saw Ibn ‘Abbas moving his.” Ibn ‘Abbas added, “So Allah revealed ‘Move not your tongue concerning (the Qur’an) to make haste therewith. It is for us to collect it and to give you (O Muhammad) the ability to recite it (the Qur’an) (75.16-17) which means that Allah will make him (the Prophet ) remember the portion of the Qur’an which was revealed at that time by heart and recite it. The Statement of Allah: And ‘When we have recited it to you (O Muhammad through Gabriel) then you follow its (Qur’an) recital’ (75.18) means ‘listen to it and be silent.’ Then it is for Us (Allah) to make It clear to you’ (75.19) means ‘Then it is (for Allah) to make you recite it (and its meaning will be clear by itself through your tongue). Afterwards, Allah’s Apostle used to listen to Gabriel whenever he came and after his departure he used to recite it as Gabriel had recited it.”

So? When was the last time you ‘listened’ to Qur’an recitation? When I say ‘listened’, I mean ‘gave full attention to the words being recited and pondered over their meaning’.

You know, a lot of times it happens to us that when we hear Qur’an being recited, we don’t pay attention to it. We’re either busy talking or worse, we try to repeat the words with the Qari (the reciter)! And when it comes to the Surahs (chapters) we know by heart, WHOA!, don’t even get me started!

Allah commands the Prophet (SAW) to be silent while Qur’an is being recited. Quote:

‘Move not your tongue concerning (the Quran) to make haste therewith.’ (75.16)


‘When we have recited it to you (O Muhammad through Gabriel) then you follow its (Qur’an) recital.’ (75.18)

Means ‘listen to it and be silent’.

So, whether you’re just passing by a person who’s reciting out loud, or you’re trying to memorize a few Ayaat (verses) by listening to the recitation again and again, or you’re having Tajweed lessons, DO NOT move your tongue with the words! Let the recitation come to a pause, and then repeat.

It’s not just about dis-respecting the Qur’an, Allah is ordering us to do so. So be conscious.

I’ve learnt my lesson well. Being a Haafizah, I couldn’t resist repeating the words when I heard Qur’an being recited. It just comes naturally. Hehe. But now Alhamdulillah, I’ve learnt to control myself.

Now, try to bring your knowledge into practice. Hit ‘play’. It’s your test! ;)

Do tell me how it went. =)


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