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Hadith No. 12 – Sahih al-Bukhari



We’ve done five Ahadith on Faith. Two of them were related to the individual self (5 principles and Haya), three were regarding social interactions (keeping others safe from harm, feeding others and saying Salam). And today’s Hadith again tells us how we should deal with people.

So I’ve deduce something: Faith resides in the heart. But it is our actions (mostly) that determine it.

Volume 1, Book 2, Number 12:

Narrated Anas:

The Prophet said, “None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself.”

Simple. Treat others as you want to be treated. Be fair.

If you want respect, give respect; you want love, give love; you want GUCCI, give GUCCI. ;)

Keep one thing in mind. This formula applies to your younger ones as well. We complain a lot when it comes to our younger siblings. ‘They don’t respect us’. ‘They don’t listen to us’. Question: do YOU respect them? Do YOU listen to them?

I’m going to try this, inshaAllah. It’s hard when it comes to siblings. We can be extremely sweet to strangers. Family is ‘different’. :P

Do share your opinions/experiences. =)


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