Spending On Family (Hadith No. 52)


Hadith no. 51 is a repeat. Read it here.

Volume 1, Book 2, Number 52:

Narrated Abu Mas’ud:

The Prophet said, “If a man spends on his family (with the intention of having a reward from Allah) sincerely for Allah’s sake, then it is a (kind of) alms-giving in reward for him.

Would you believe it? Even spending on family is charity! For a man, this is something understood. That he is supposed to provide for the family. He would consider it a duty and wouldn’t expect a reward for something he ought to do. (If I was a guy, I wouldn’t. Because it sounded really strange to me when I read it.)

If you’re thinking: I’m not a man, how does this Hadith apply to me? Well, simple answer. Anything that you do as obligation can become charity for you. The food you cook at home for your family, the clothes you wash, the cleaning that you do etc.
BUT, the condition needs to be kept in mind. Doing it sincerely for Allah. NOBODY else! Not to prove something to your parents, not to show off to friends or make someone jealous. Do it only for Allah’s sake and you’ll get the reward, inshaAllah. :)



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