Another Promise (Hadith No. 54)


Promises. Do you remember all the promises you’ve made in your life? To yourself, to Allah or to other people? If you don’t, how do you plan to fulfill them?
And here’s another one..

Volume 1, Book 2, Number 54:

Narrated Jarir bin Abdullah:

I gave the pledge of allegiance to Allah’s Apostle (SAW) for the following:

1. Offer prayers perfectly

2. Pay the Zakat (obligatory charity)

3. And be sincere and true to every Muslim.

Offering prayers perfectly means, to be regular in them, to bring khushoo’ in them, and to offer them on time.

Paying the Zakat has certain conditions. Regular charity can be done by those upon whom Zakat is not obligatory.

Being sincere and true to every Muslim requires Faith! Faith will automatically bring sincerity and honesty in our relationships and dealings with others.

So work on Faith. Increase it! Go through Kitaab-ul-Imaan in Bukhari once again. This is the second-last Hadith. And I shall make a summary of it for your ease, inshaAllah. :)



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  1. Hmmm.. Na3m! We’ve got to increase our level of eeman..
    keep this work up.. Baraka Allaho feek..

    well, i want to share a post.. I published on 8th november in my little world;
    Al Hasanaat الحسنات
    It’s on the importance and good deeds of these ten golden.. visit! min fadlik!

    I dono how’s it to share that in your comments section but I wanted so I did..

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