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Teaching Aloud (Hadith No. 57)


Eid is here! Alhamdulillah. Know how to spend it the Sunnah way here. May Allah accept from you and I. :)

Anyway, today’s Hadith comes under the ‘teaching’ category. You know, when I was going to start Kitaab-ul-‘Ilm, I thought the first Hadith would be “gaining knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim”. Haha. But no. The first one was about etiquettes and second is about teaching. Read on to know more..

Volume 1, Book 3, Number 57:

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr:

Once the Prophet remained behind us in a journey. He joined us while we were performing ablution for the prayer which was over-due. We were just passing wet hands over our feet (and not washing them properly) so the Prophet addressed us in a loud voice and said twice or thrice: “Save your heels from the fire.”

The Prophet (SAW) addressed them in a loud voice and repeated his words twice or thrice, because it was an important matter. And if he didn’t do what he did that day, we might have been facing problems today. Anyhow, this is what the Hadith tells us:
The teacher, in certain situations, can address his students in a loud voice and use harsh tone. Again, this will depend on the teacher AND the situation. Hope the message gets through..


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