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The Easy Reckoning (Hadith No. 103)


Hadith no. 102 is a repeat. Read it here.

We’re humans, living lives as a test. Some of us realize it and some don’t. But there will be a day of Result – the Day of Reckoning. Those who performed good in the test will find it easy. Others won’t.

Volume 1, Book 3, Number 103:

Narrated Ibn Abu Mulaika:

Whenever ‘Aisha (the wife of the Prophet) heard anything which she did not understand, she used to ask again till she understood it completely. Aisha said: “Once the Prophet said, “Whoever will be called to account (about his deeds on the Day of Resurrection) will surely be punished.” I said, “Doesn’t Allah say: “He surely will receive an easy reckoning.” (84.8) The Prophet replied, “This means only the presentation of the accounts but whoever will be argued about his account, will certainly be ruined.”

Meaning, if Allah asks someone why he did something, he’s ruined!
And easy reckoning means, Allah will show him his accounts in private. There will be no humiliation or disgrace. He’ll ask: ‘did you do such and such?’. The believer will confess and he’ll think to himself: “I’m ruined!” But then Allah will say to him: ‘just as I hid your bad deeds in the world, I’ll hide them today as well.’ So he’ll be sent to Paradise directly, inshaAllah.

Lesson: Take your test seriously and pray for the easy reckoning.


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