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Learning In Mosques (Hadith No. 135)


Mosque plays a very important role in a Muslim community. It’s a center for all Muslims to come together and perform their ‘Ibadaat (acts of worship). It’s an extremely good place to learn as well. After the 5 daily prayers or the weekly Friday prayer or the yearly ‘Eid prayers, the Imaam of the mosque addresses the people and talks to them regarding various problems and their solutions. Indeed it’s a good place to learn. We can see that from the life of the Prophet (SAW) as well…

Volume 1, Book 3, Number 135:

Narrated Nafi:

‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar said: “A man got up in the mosque and said: O Allah’s Apostle ‘At which place you order us that we should assume the Ihram?’ Allah’s Apostle replied, ‘The residents of Medina should assure the Ihram from Dhil-Hulaifa, the people of Syria from Al-Ju,hfa and the people of Najd from Qarn.” Ibn ‘Umar further said, “The people consider that Allah’s Apostle had also said, ‘The residents of Yemen should assume Ihram from Yalamlam.’ ” Ibn ‘Umar used to say, “I do not: remember whether Allah’s Apostle had said the last statement or not?”

Lesson: Visit the mosques in your neighborhood often. You’ll learn a lot inshaAllah. :)

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