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‘Ghurr-Muhajjalun’ (Hadith No. 138)


We love being called the followers of the Prophet (SAW). We love being associated with him in any way. Would you like to know a very easy way to be known as Prophet (SAW)’s followers on the Day of Judgement, when everyone will wish to be in your place?

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 138:

Narrated Nu’am Al-Mujmir:

Once I went up the roof of the mosque, along with Abu Huraira. He performed ablution and said, “I heard the Prophet saying, “On the Day of Resurrection, my followers will be called “Ghurr-Muhajjalun” from the trace of ablution and whoever can increase the area of his radiance should do so (i.e. by performing ablution regularly).’ “

Ghurr-Muhajjalun is a term used to describe radiance of faces, arms and feet (body parts that are washed in wudu). Meaning, the people who used to do wudu properly will be distinguished by the radiance on their body parts. No other nation will have such cool distinguishing marks on that day. Blessed are we!

Prophet (SAW) further says: whoever can increase the area of his radiance should do so.
And in order to do that, we can:

  • perform wudu regularly
  • wash our body parts thoroughly during wudu
  • make wudu as many times as possible in a day
  • (some say:) extend the body parts to be washed, e.g. arms up till shoulders and feet up till knees

Note: In one wudu, we cannot increase the number of times we wash each body part. 3 is the max. limit.

Go on increasing your radiance! :)


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