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Race to Love (Hadith No. 172)


We compete. In material things. Things that will definitely benefit us in this world. But the companions. They used to race for other things. Things that wouldn’t necessarily benefit them in this world. A common man would think them crazy. But were they really?

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 172:

Narrated Anas:

When Allah’s Apostle got his head shaved, Abu-Talha was the first to take some of his hair.

It was just hair man. Why were they so crazy about it? Got an answer to that?



The Beloved Hair (Hadith No. 171)


If you had one of the hair of the Prophet (SAW), what would you do? Would it be more beloved to you than the whole world? Would you give your everything just to keep it?

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 171:

Narrated Ibn Sirrn:

I said to ‘Ablda, “I have some of the hair of the Prophet which I got from Anas or from his family.” ‘Abida replied. “No doubt if I had a single hair of that it would have been dearer to me than the whole world and whatever is in it.”

Love requires that from us, no?


Miraculous (Hadith No. 170)


When we talk about miracles, what comes to our minds? Power, extraordinary, supernatural, unreal, impossible etc.. But do we think about this: where does the extraordinary power comes from? Is the miracle a feat of the human being performing it or is there another force behind it? Well there’s no doubt about one thing: the human being performing the miracle does not possess the power personally. Allah gives him/her the power and the capability for the time.
If this topic interests you, do read Shah Waliullah (of Delhi)’s book “Tawil al-Ahadith” for more insight. :)
Coming back to the miracle…

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 170:

Narrated Anas bin Malik:

saw Allah’s Apostle when the ‘Asr prayer was due and the people searched for water to perform ablution but they could not find it. Later on (a pot full of) water for ablution was brought to Allah’s Apostle . He put his hand in that pot and ordered the people to perform ablution from it. I saw the water springing out from underneath his fingers till all of them performed the ablution (it was one of the miracles of the Prophet).

Remember, it wasn’t magic, it was Allah’s help. And the Prophet (SAW) did not do it out of his own will/power.


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