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Find Out (Hadith No. 199)


Hadith no 198 is repeated. Read it here.

Today’s Hadith is related to Hadith no 194 somehow. I want you to find out the relation. So read carefully.

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 199:

Narrated Thabit:

Anas said, “The Prophet asked for water and a tumbler with a broad base and no so deep, containing a small quantity of water, was brought to him whereby he put his fingers in it.” Anas further said, ‘ noticed the water springing out from amongst his fingers.” Anas added, ‘ estimated that the people who performed ablution with it numbered between seventy to eighty.”

It’s pretty easy, alright? :P



Patch the Leaks…

2. I wish I could…

Now is the time to select and choose what you really want to spend your time on. Things like reading a book, memorizing Quran, starting a new blog… let the list go on and on. Then prioritize that list. All those wants, needs and wishes, sum them all in your list. If you want, you can also decide some time limit for those wishes, like 15 minutes daily etc.

1. Pondering over Quran       15 min daily

2. Blogging                              30 min weekly

This was the simple part. Next comes the tricky task.

3. Patch your pipe

After this short check, what I found was that on average we spend 2-3 hours waiting daily. Whether it is the time spent infront of the microwave or while travelling. This made me realize even more that there is lot more in my hand then I thought. This is the time when we can fulfill a lot of wishes.


First divide your waiting time into zones. Like for the time that is consumed regularly on travelling to your work place, booting your computer, waiting for the class to start.  Put that in group A. Now within this group think of the time duration; activities that take 10 or more minutes classify them as the golden moments, then those activites that take 5-10 min as the silver moments, and lastly for activites that take less then 5 minutes as the bronze moments. Now stich your work list in the appropriate holes here is a view of how it looks:

Golden moments                  greater then 10min                 Memorizing Quran
Silver moments                         5-10min                                   Returning calls
Bronze moments                   less then 5 min                           Zikr, Dua

It doesn’t have to be that formal and complicated. You can do all of this in your head easily. However you need to put some effort in making sure your plan works, for example:

  • If Quran is on your list, then invest in a pocket size quran or get one in your mobile. Whenever you have to wait just start gaining reward.
  • If you love praying extra nawafil and the busy life is crushing your dreams then get hold of the minutes you have while travelling.
  • If  the book you bought has been staring you for weeks, then take it along and if it is too BIG get it re-binded in size-able chunks and keep one with you.
  • If there is still some bronze moments left, fit in Zikr. Make your own collection of good duas either save then in your iPhone, mobile, laptop or on paper and ask Allah specially when you are travelling as it is one of those moments when your wishes can come true.
  • If you don’t get time to listen to your favorite scholars online then invest in mobile  internet or a cheaper solution is while working download what you like on your phone or laptop and enjoy listening while waiting.
  • Put a sticky note on your computer containing your favorite duas. Recite while it boots.
  • You can even clean your purse the next time you have to wait.

Some tiny time savers:

Although this activity was geared on ways to use the time getting wasted just because of “waiting” but the main goal of doing all this was to use our time fully as it is a blessing about which we will be questioned. So before leaving I want to point out some unusual time savers that you probably haven’t thought about. Here is a glimpse of such activities:

  • Answer your parents on the very first time they call you.
  • Fix time for meals.
  • Leave some time for relaxing so that you can focus on work.
  • Fix a spot for different things like car keys, cards etc.
  • Keep your computer neat too. DO NOT go on creating folders without naming them properly.
  • Try the hibernation key instead of ‘turn off’ on your laptops.
  • Lastly, get it right the first time because if you think that you don’t have time to spend on this job now, where will you get enough time to do it all over again? At the same time, remember, perfection is not always required.
  • Write stuff down or you will waste time trying to remember it.

I hope this little reminder helps you in getting the best of your time and closer to your goal. JazakAllah for reading. :)

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