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Prophet (SAW)’s Wound (Hadith No. 244)


Volume 1, Book 4, Number 244:

Narrated Abu Hazim:

Sahl bin Sa’d As-Sa’idi, was asked by the people, “With what was the wound of the Prophet treated? Sahl replied, “None remains among the people living who knows that better than I. ‘Ali used to bring water in his shield and Fatima used to wash the blood off his face. Then straw mat was burnt and the wound was filled with it.”

This wound refers to the one that Prophet (SAW) got in the battle of Uhad, when a pointy part of his helmet got stuck in his cheek and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Finally Fatima (RA) filled it up with burnt straw mat and it dried up. It’s a very effective way to treat a wound, still practiced in some parts of the world. Some use burnt cotton or grass, cloth etc.
When inflicted with the smallest wound, remember Propeht (SAW)’s wound and his pain. You’ll forget all about yours. :)


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