Aisha (RA)’s Example (Hadith No. 313)


Hadith no. 312 is a repeat. Read it here.

Volume 1, Book 6, Number 313:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

In the last Hajj of Allah’s Apostle, I assumed the Ihram for Hajj along with Allah’s Apostle. I was one of those who intended Tamattu’ (to perform Hajj and ‘Umra) and did not take the Hadi (animal for sacrifice) with me. I got my menses and was not clean till the night of ‘Arafa. I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! It is the night of the day of ‘Arafat and I intended to perform the Hajj Tamattu’ with ‘Umra. Allah’s Apostle told me to undo my hair and comb it and to postpone the ‘Umra. I did the same and completed the Hajj. On the night of Al-Hasba (i.e. place outside Mecca where the pilgrims go after finishing all the ceremonies Hajj at Mina) he (the Prophet) ordered ‘Abdur Rahman (‘Aisha’s brother) to take me to At-Tan’im to assume the lhram for’Umra in lieu of that of Hajj-atTamattu’ which I had intended to perform.

Reference: Hadith no. 293.

Hajj can be performed in the state of menstruation, so don’t take those hormones that postpone (and disturb) your menstrual cycle. If faced with such a situation, delay the Umrah like Aisha (RA) did and perform the Hajj. Do your Umrah right after you’re purified. No hassle. :)



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  1. Salam. Jazakalah for the Hadith but the conclusion you have drawn is incorrect. Yes umrah can be postponed but not the Arafa day …. Anyone who is on periods and has missed this day , her hajj will not be valid. Also realise that most people have to travel with groups who have a set date of return, sometimes within a week of the Arafa day…so if someone is on periods soon after Arafa day and not able to perform tawaf e ifaadah , which is an obligatory part of hajj, and have to return without performing it , their hajj will also be not valid. These are the parts of hajj, which if one misses there is no expiation or ‘ dam ‘ …. So please analyse this situation again … Someone following the advice of not taking the hormones ( which is not something ideal) , could actually loose on the obligation and will have to perform the hajj again! The rewards are with Allah ofcourse, but it will not take of the obligation. Whilst these things happen, we should not plan for them and be sensible :)

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