Ahadith 376-379


I haven’t been able to post a Hadith since the past two days. Didn’t get the time. So I’m thinking I’ll cover that up by doing 3 Ahadith altogether in one post today inshaAllah.

Volume 1, Book 8, Number 376:

Narrates ‘Abdullah bin Shaddad:

Maimuna said, “Allah’s Apostle was praying while I was in my menses, sitting beside him and sometimes his clothes would touch me during his prostration.” Maimuna added, “He prayed on a Khumra (a small mat sufficient just for the face and the hands while prostrating during prayers).

The first part of this Hadith has been discussed in great deal in Kitaab-ul-Haydh (Book of Menses), about how a woman is not ‘impure’ while menstruating.
The second part, about the Khumra, will be discussed here.
How many of us have a concept of a prayer mat (musalla)? All of us, I think. When we intend to pray, we need a carpeted place/rug/cloth. So much so, that it’d be hard to without it. But guess what? It’s not that necessary. Yes, one of the requirements (more like ‘pillars’) of Salah is to have a clean place for prostration, but we are not limited to rugs or mats. It can be bare earth that we put our forehead and nose on, or a piece of cloth for that matter. And that’s where the Khumra (a small mat) comes in. It’s a Sunnah to pray on a small piece of cloth just sufficient for the face and hands while prostrating. Why not try it today? :)
Listen to a cool nasheed about places of prostration here.

Volume 1, Book 8, Number 377:

Narrated Ishaq:

Anas bin Malik said, “My grand-mother Mulaika invited Allah’s Apostle for a meal which she herself had prepared. He ate from it and said, ‘Get up! I will lead you in the prayer.’ ” Anas added, “I took my Hasir (straw mat), washed it with water as it had become dark because of long use and Allah’s Apostle stood on it. The orphan (Damira or Ruh) and I aligned behind him and the old lady (Mulaika) stood behind us. Allah’s Apostle led us in the prayer and offered two Rak’at and then left.”

This Hadith lays down the arrangement of a congregational prayer. The Imaam is in the front, men behind him, and women at the back (separate row).
Also, it proves that men and women can pray together in a congregation without a screen in between them. They CAN, but they may do so otherwise.

Volume 1, Book 8, Number 378:

Narrated Maimuna:

Allah’s Apostle used to pray on Khumra.

It’s a repeat. Read the one on top.

Volume 1, Book 8, Number 379:

Narrated Abu Salama:

‘Aisha, the wife of the Prophet, said, “I used to sleep in front of Allah’s Apostle and my legs were opposite his Qibla and in prostration he pushed my legs and I withdrew then and when he stood, I stretched them.’ ‘Aisha added, “In those days the houses were without lights.”

The houses of the Ummahat (wives of the Prophet (SAW)) were very small, more like cubicles. Anyhow, this narration is showing that Aisha’s legs used to come in between Prophet (SAW) and his sutra (the wall). When he had to prostrate, he would tug on her legs and she would push them back to give him room enough to put his face and hands on the floor.
There is no harm in it if your situation is similar. As in, if you have a small place to pray in. If you have enough space, don’t make yourself go through the extra effort.


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