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Ammar’s Story (Hadith No. 438)


Volume 1, Book 8, Number 438:

Narrated ‘Ikrima:

Ibn ‘Abbas said to me and to his son ‘Ali, “Go to Abu Sa’id and listen to what he narrates.” So we went and found him in a garden looking after it. He picked up his Rida’, wore it and sat down and started narrating till the topic of the construction of the mosque reached. He said, “We were carrying one adobe at a time while ‘Ammar was carrying two. The Prophet saw him and started removing the dust from his body and said, “May Allah be Merciful to ‘Ammar. He will be inviting them (i.e. his murderers, the rebellious group) to Paradise and they will invite him to Hell-fire.” ‘Ammar said, “I seek refuge with Allah from affliction.”

According to Wikipedia, affliction refers to a condition or cause of suffering. This particular Hadith refers to ‘fitnah‘ when it uses the word. A trial.

Generally speaking, life’s a test for everyone. But for those who say ‘we believe’, life is full of tests, trials and afflictions. Why? Because Jannah doesn’t come easy. You have to prove your worth.

In this Hadith, Prophet (SAW) is predicting a museebah/affliction in Ammar’s life. As to why he does this, Allah knows best. But he adds a du’a to it: “May Allah be Merciful to Ammar”. So that when Ammar faces that trial, Allah helps him succeed.

Talking about the museebah: “they will invite him towards Hell-fire”. Who does not go through this in their life? I doubt I’d find a Muslim who can claim he hasn’t been invited towards Hell-fire at any point in their life.

“Invitation towards Hell” means invitation to do an action which, if a person does, takes him to Hell. These actions include all the things forbidden by Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW).

Bottom line is, we all go through tests. We are met with problems, disasters, calamities, happiness (yes, that’s a test too!), blessings etc. in our lives. What should be our course of action? This:

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And see what Ammar did, clever him. He prayed:

“I seek refuge with Allah from affliction.”

(Took me a while to figure this all out. I hope the concept is clear though. My lack of words is also a test. For me and for you. :D)


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