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A Year of the ‘Bukhari’ Project


September 25, 2010 was the day I posted the first Hadith of Bukhari. It was about intentions. That the reward of your deeds depends upon your intentions. Quoting myself:

By Allah, I only want Allah’s pleasure through this. I hope for salvation in the Hereafter. I need real success: entering Jannah (Paradise) directly, not via Jahannam (Hell). I wish to be among those who get the company of prophets, the truthful, martyrs and the righteous. I pray for the good of this world and the Hereafter.

I remember being so inspired by Imaam Bukhari that I felt like I had to do this. I knew I wasn’t a good writer (still ain’t), but I asked Allah for help and jumped into it. I made a commitment to do one Hadith a day. I’ve tried to keep my consistency. But human that I am, I’ve skipped some days as well, due to work load or internet problems or plain forgetfulness. May Allah forgive me for that. :(

I promised myself I’ll act upon each of the Ahadith. Frankly, I haven’t been 100% successful in that either. There were reasons. :P

I started this blog with a passion, but some of the days, I felt it was more of a responsibility than anything else. I’m not proud of that.

But I’m in love with this blog. I know I can’t do justice to the Ahadith but I still want to keep doing it. It’s a very minor effort, but it is only for Allah. The one thing I wouldn’t change for anyone else. I might not live long enough to complete this project, but that doesn’t worry me. For it is Allah’s work. He’ll look after it iA. :)

And I’ve had a little success with it too. The credit does not go to me at all. I have Allah, Dr. Farhat Hashmi, NetworkedBlogs and other social networks to thank. :P

And I’ve gone through a lot in this year. Allah has always been there to help, though. If He takes me to it, He takes me through it as well. Alhamdulillah. :)

What a haphazard post this is! My awesome writing skills. ^_^

I pray for consistency in this project of mine and purity in my intention always. For I expect reward for it from none but Allah.

All good is from Allah. Any shortcomings are mine indeed.


To Delay Zuhr in Summer & While Traveling (Ahadith 510-514)


Volume 1, Book 10, Number 510:

Narrated Abu Huraira and ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar:

Allah’s Apostle said, “If it is very hot, then pray the Zuhr prayer when it becomes (a bit) cooler, as the severity of the heat is from the raging of the Hell-fire.”

Scholars, while commenting on this Hadith, say that it can be either real or a parable that the Prophet (SAW) used to explain the concept of heat and its severity.. Either way, it’s good to delay zuhr on a hot day.

Volume 1, Book 10, Number 511:

Narrated Abu Dhar:

The Muadhdhin (call-maker) of the Prophet pronounced the Adhan (call) for the Zuhr prayer but the Prophet said, “Let it be cooler, let it be cooler.” Or said, ‘Wait, wait, because the severity of heat is from the raging of the Hell-fire. In severe hot weather, pray when it becomes (a bit) cooler and the shadows of hillocks appear.”

Shadows of the hillocks appear: sun starts to come down after reaching the peak (zawaal).

Volume 1, Book 10, Number 512:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, “In very hot weather delay the Zuhr prayer till it becomes (a bit) cooler because the severity of heat is from the raging of Hell-fire. The Hell-fire of Hell complained to its Lord saying: O Lord! My parts are eating (destroying) one another. So Allah allowed it to take two breaths, one in the winter and the other in the summer. The breath in the summer is at the time when you feel the severest heat and the breath in the winter is at the time when you feel the severest cold.”

When I got to know this ^, I realized that extreme weather is a sort of punishment for us. And guess what global warming is promising us? May Allah protect us from it!

When it’s extremely hot, remember the breath of jahannam and seek Allah’s protection from the Hell-fire. When it’s extremely cold, remember that there’s a valley in jahannam called zamhareer, where it’s extremely cold (and that’ll burn too), and seek Allah’s protection from it.

Volume 1, Book 10, Number 513:

Narrated Abu Sa’id:

that Allah’s Apostle said, “Pray Zuhr prayer when it becomes (a bit) cooler as the severity of heat is from the raging of the Hell-fire.”

Volume 1, Book 10, Number 514:

Narrated Abu Dhar Al-Ghifar:

We were with the Prophet on a journey and the Mu’adhdhin (call maker for the prayer) wanted to pronounce the Adhan (call) for the Zuhr prayer. The Prophet said, ‘Let it become cooler.” He again (after a while) wanted to pronounce the Adhan but the Prophet said to him, “Let it become cooler till we see the shadows of hillocks.” The Prophet added, “The severity of heat is from the raging of the Hell-fire, and in very hot weather pray (Zuhr) when it becomes cooler.”

While traveling, one may delay their zuhr prayer as well, as seen from the Prophet (SAW)’s sunnah.


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