‘Fast Salah’ (Ahadith 782-784)


The importance of slowing down in your Salah has been repeated multiple times in Bukhari up till now. And here it comes again:

Volume 1, Book 12, Number 782:

Narrated Abu Qilaba:

Once Malik bin Huwairith said to his friends, “Shall I show you how Allah’s Apostle used to offer his prayers?” And it was not the time for any of the compulsory congregational prayers. So he stood up (for the prayer) bowed and said the Takbir, then he raised his head and remained standing for a while and then prostrated and raised his head for a while (sat up for a while). He prayed like our Sheikh ‘Amr Ibn Salama. (Aiyub said, “The latter used to do a thing which I did not see the people doing i.e. he used to sit between the third and the fourth Rak’a). IMalik bin Huwairith said, “We came to the Prophet (after embracing Islam) and stayed with him. He said to us, ‘When you go back to your families, pray such and such a prayer at such and such a time, pray such and such a prayer at such and such a time, and when there is the time for the prayer then only of you should pronounce the Adhan for the prayer and the oldest of you should lead the prayer.”

Volume 1, Book 12, Number 783:

Narrated Al-Bara’:

The time taken by the Prophet in prostrations, bowing, and the sitting interval between the two prostrations was about the same.

Volume 1, Book 12, Number 784:

Narrated Thabit:

Anas said, “I will leave no stone unturned in making you offer the prayer as I have seen the Prophet making us offer it.” Anas used to do a thing which I have not seen you doing. He used to stand after the bowing for such a long time that one would think that he had forgotten (the prostrations) and he used to sit in-between the prostrations so long that one would think that he had forgotten the second prostration.

Discussion on it here.

Brothers and sisters, whatever you do, do NOT pray a ‘fast Salah’ like this person:

SunhanAllah! Someone give him the khushoo` pill!


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  1. i love this piece a lot,its soul inspiring.pls i need more of such.jazakum lahu khaeran!

  2. Asalam Alaikum, in my opinion, i think one of the Moslem brothers should have taken him in a conner and talk to him about how he should perform the salat. knowledge and awareness would have help him..but making a video isn’t the way of Islam. we correct our brothers and sisters first before we can used them as bad or good examples. And Allah knows the best may he grant us all the knowledge we need. As we all know our Allah s.w.t his merciful, kind, and just. and these are some of Allahs attributes and we need to put into an action in our daily lives, however we all believe Allah S.W.T deserves respect at the time we worship him and we need to have that sense of humbleness, But if one lacks that one would act like jahilia, ignorant, and Allah. jalawajalal never punishes those who are ignorant. and Allah knows the best. please forgive me if l may sound offensive. All praise are dua to Allah the most kind most merciful..
    JazakaAllah kheir. from..sister A.Ainab Calgary Alberta.

    • Ws. I agree with you, sister. This is posted here only for learning purposes.
      I may keep on repeating ‘slow down in your Salah’ or ‘bring khushoo` to your Salah’ but most people won’t understand what I mean unless they see a practical example.
      May Allah guide us all to the Straight Path.

  3. you are right Yumna

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