Valentine’s Day

A SPECIAL message for the Youth of Today. 

Give this to your wife in sha Allah!

Give this to your wife in sha Allah!

I don’t understand the “Muslims” of today;

Celebrating with joy, the Valentine’s Day;

Don’t you understand that it’s Shaitaan’s way?

Who’s ALWAYS trying to lead you astray!

We ALL KNOW where he wants to take us;

Into hell, and from the heaven AWAY!

So STOP following that coward’s footsteps;

Be strong and bold, have the courage to say,

“I’m a MUSLIM! I live and die for ALLAH alone!

Your whispers are useless, no matter WHAT you say!”


You don’t NEED to go to a date to make your day;

A spouse who helps you to Jannah, THAT’S what you should pray;

Remember the truth of this world; don’t forget;

A temporary enjoyment could be forever’s regret;

Your duty to Allah you should never neglect;

Do good deeds so in JANNAH you can FOREVER stay!


Our society with such evils is being eaten away!

Our mothers and daughters put on DISPLAY!

We say we are Muslims but do we have any FEAR?

Spending Millions and Millions on gifts each year

While our brothers die from hunger and we don’t shed A TEAR?!

We don’t even feel comfortable in an Islamic Atmosphere!

While a gathering full of EVIL is what should cause DISMAY!


So decide NOW whose side are you on?

It’s just fear; take a step, and it’ll be gone!

This world isn’t the place where you truly belong;

Be firm on your beliefs! Don’t EVER sway!


This feeling isn’t true, what you seem to call LOVE;

All tricks of the one, who was REJECTED above;

If you can learn to control and shun your DESIRE;

Allah has promised not to throw you WITH him, in the fire;

On the day of judgement, you would have special attire;

In sha ALLAH I pray, we ALL see that day!

About Omer

Poet | Blogger | Mechanical Engineer | Member of Youth Club | Student of the Quran and Hadith

Posted on April 25, 2012, in The Forgotten Gift. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Amazing work:) very inspiring

  2. JazakAllah.

  3. Omer is always writing rhythms,
    so why i thought why not to once give it a try:P

    You may get some chocolates with white teddy bear,
    someone might call you that day and say ‘ Oh Dear !’

    things might sound sweeter than expressed
    but trust me, the outcome is always bitter

    Trust me ‘valentines day’ is lie
    Truth is everlasting ‘Jannah’ is for Real.. ..

    the choice is all yours, so what do you say?
    Celebrate this feast, or celebrate for-ever..

    I don`t have more time to waste
    thus i`m ending this all in a haste..


  4. Not bad….. Not good either…. But not bad.. :p ;) haha no ma sha Allah it’s nice. Though it would sound better perhaps if you read it.

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