This is the first collaborative work we’ve done, and it turned out to be quite good Alhamdulillah. Tell us what you think about it :) The first two stanzas are mine, addressing the brothers; the last two were written by Sister Mariam, addressing the sisters.

I know what you do when you hang out after school;

Showing off with your friends thinking you’re so cool;

“Check out that girl”, to your friend you say;

Making sure your sister always in hijab does stay!

This hypocrisy, I can’t really seem to comprehend;

At someone’s sister you stare, while your own you defend?!

O Muslim! You’re astounding; you continue to amaze!

Pretending you don’t know we’re supposed to lower our gaze?!


But to me, my friend, you’re just a fool!

You don’t control yourself; your desires rule!

Your Nafs for Shaytaan is an excellent tool!

Your body is satisfied, but your soul does pule;

Cuz if you only knew what’s really cool…

Beauty; the likes of which you’ve never seen;

Untouched by the Jinn or any human being;

Reclining on cushions of silver and gold;

A sight so beautiful, it would make you drool;

Respectful, joyful, youthful and beautiful;

The promise of the truthful; most gracious and Merciful;

There is still time, if you be a bit mindful;

Heedful, watchful, thoughtful and careful.


The ultimate goal if you wish to achieve;

You better start acting on what you believe;

If you truly want Jannah as your final abode;

Make Siraat-ul-Mustaqeem your only road!


Sisters, the rest of this message is for you!

Protecting your chastity is your duty too!

Your beauty is sacred, not anybody’s tool;

Refuse to bow down to their rules!

Now is the time to wake up, step up;

Your beauty’s not limited to this superficial make-up;

This world you run after, it’s not gonna last;

Whatever you do, YOU need to act fast;

No, no, no, a man is NOT your goal;

No matter what he does, he can NEVER make your world whole!

By the One in Whose Hands is my soul,

Gaining HIS pleasure is your ONLY role!

About Omer

Poet | Blogger | Mechanical Engineer | Member of Youth Club | Student of the Quran and Hadith

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  1. brilliant mashaa ALLAH!

  2. beautiful messages :) JZK.

  3. jazakAllah Khayr sisters. Remember to pray for us.

  4. Mahnoor bajwa

    Brother u have done a commendable job.i suggest you ti do publish some work via facebook to reach out to the masses.

  5. Assalam u ‘alaikum.
    It’s really good mA. I like it! BarakAllahu feek.

  6. actually it is quite nice, i could hum it!
    will make a nice nasheed too :)
    singers anyone here??

    good work guys!!

  7. This is such a beautiful and powerful mashup Omer and Mariam. Masha’allah may Allah put immense blessings in your work, purify your niyyaat and accept of you all good that you do.

    One thing though, since this piece was written by two people perhaps there needs to be some sort of systematic transition from one person’s part to the other person’s part. Like the sudden shift in the style needs to be a bit more pronounced I guess? Pata nai, maybe that’s just me, you poets know best! Love your work and love this blog! :)

    • jazakAllah khayr and lol I agree to that!! hahaha You have NO IDEA what this sounded like when it was first edited hahaha man it was like A TOTAL SHIFT and then we thought naah this is too much so sis Mariam changed it and made it into this.. I always read the poems to see how they sound, and it sounded fine to me Alhamdulillah so I thought this is fine insha’Allah :)

    • JazakAllah Khair. Ammen to your dua, br. Shahraiz. First collaboration and it was a pleasure, Alhamdulillah. Yes, initially the shift was too obvious and, well, then we thought it needs to look a little less abrupt. Besides, felt like since br. Omer gave the brothers point of view, I could address the sisters’ side. Suggestions are always welcome, but personally I always find it hard to edit a poem once it is written (a long time after it is written, that is.)

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