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How it happened was nothing less than a miracle. And whoever played a part in it, is not hidden from Allah. May Allah reward everyone involved for their intentions, du`as and efforts in making this happen.

And my special prayers for our beloved teacher: Dr. Farhat Hashmi (referred to as Ustadha, Arabic word for ‘female teacher’). May Allah have Mercy on her, be pleased with her, forgive her her shortcomings, increase her ranks in Jannah, give us the opportunity to ‘chill’ with her in her personal garden in Jannah, and let us be a sadqah jariyah for her (as huge as possible).

For the clueless, I’m talking about the on-going “Fiqh-ul-Quloob” class with Ustadha. Shh! It’s supposed to be a secret (FAIL! -_-). It’s an Arabic book written by Muhammad ibn Ibrahim ibn Abdullah al-Tuwaijri (yayy! I finally know the full name by heart. :D), and it’s about…

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