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Pilot (Hadith No. 817)


First post from Kitaab-ul-Istisqaa’ [Book of Invoking Allah for Rain]

There has been a sort of thorough post on this topic before. Do go through it, to get some good background information before you read on.

Istisqaa’ prayer is a two-rak`ah prayer similar to that of Eid prayer with seven takbirat in the first rak`ah and five takbirat in the second rak`ah excluding the takbir of the opening of the prayer and the takbir of the qiyam (standing) for the second rak`ah.

Volume 2, Book 17, Number 817:

Narrated ‘Abbas bin Tamim’s uncle:

The Prophet (p.b.u.h) went out to offer the Istisqa’ prayer and turned (and put on) his cloak inside out.

  • Go OUT to offer Istisqaa’ prayer.
    Here’s a fatwa regarding the place of prayer.
  • Turning the cloak and putting it on inside-out is also a Sunnah. Read this.

Note to self: post and sleep.


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