Shaam, Yemen and Najd (Hadith No. 846)


Volume 2, Book 17, Number 846:

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

(The Prophet) said, “O Allah! Bless our Sham (Syria and some other countries) and our Yemen.” People said, “Our Najd as well.” The Prophet again said, “O Allah! Bless our Sham and Yemen.” They said again, “Our Najd as well.” On that the Prophet said, “There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head of Satan.”

NOTE: Prophet (SAW) prayed for Shaam and Yemen. Just goes to say that Allah will help Syria and take them out of the conditions they’re in currently. Allah-ul-Musta`aan! <3

The Arabic word nejd/najd literally means “upland” and was once applied to a variety of regions within the Arabian Peninsula. However, the most famous of these was the central region of the Peninsula roughly bounded on the west by the mountains of the Hejaz and Yemen and to the east by the historical region of Bahrain and the north by Iraq and Syria.

In the early years of Islam, Najd was seen as a troubled land of insurgencies because its nomadic tribes were not immediately receptive to Prophet Muhammed’s message. This early resistance is partly responsible for Muhammad’s criticism of Najd; which is seen in the hadith that records him praying aloud and asking:

“O God, give us blessings in our Syria, O God, give us blessings us in our Yemen.” Someone called out, “And in our Najd?” But the Prophet ignored him. The Prophet repeated his request for blessings upon Syria and Yemen, and again the onlooker shouted, “And in our Najd?” Finally, the Prophet replied, “From that place will come only earthquakes, conflicts, and the horns of Satan.”

Furthermore, when the Najdi tribes did convert to Islam they interpreted it solely as an alliance with Muhammad, thus after his death, they were among the first to rebel against Caliph Abu Bakrand refuse to pay the alms tax (zakat) to Medina. The hostilities between the Najdi tribes and the Muslims escalated when Musaylima (d. 12/633), a Najdi from the Banu Hanifah tribe, tried to defeat the caliphate by claiming to be a Prophet and sending troops to destroy the Muslim army in the year 12/633. During this fight, known as the Battle of al Aqraba, the Najdi troops killed numerous companions but were eventually defeated and forced to accept Median control. [Wikipedia]

According to Al-Mulhib, Prophet (SAW) didn’t pray for the people of Najd because of their evils and so they’d lessen their prosecutions on people. And Allah knows best.

And he, Ibn Battaal, says: قرن الشيطان, ‘side of the head of Satan’, is his party and his army.

Ka`b said: Dajjal will emerge from Iraq.

`Amr ibn al-`Aas said: Dajjal will emerge from the core of Kufa (a city in Iraq).

[Taken from Ibn Battaal’s commentary on Sahih al-Bukhari]

P.S. according to the scholars of the past, earthquake is among the signs of Allah and one can offer Salah during it, just as Prophet (SAW) offered Salah when he saw the eclipse.
This doesn’t mean that you start praying in a building during an earthquake, which might just fall off. Out in the open would be a good option.
Personal opinion: if salah is not possible at the time, make du`a. Do istighfaar, and ask Allah for protection. As Prophet (SAW) did while strong winds blew.



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  1. great work mashaa ALLAH ..

  2. dagahgademeh

    I am not sure of your nationality but you seem to be a non-arab, because you made a huge mistake although it’s a common sense for arab people.

    yemen is not egypt, yemen is in Asia, it is at the southern border of the arabic Peninsula . on the other hand, egypt is in africa, it is in the north of africa.

    • Jzk khayr for pointing out the mistake. Post updated.

    • Colonialism has really taken it’s toll I see. You have Arabs that think that are Asian because the British told them to choose between being an Asian, which was a slightly higher status, or being an African. It is clear to see that Yemen and the rest of the “Arabian” Peninsula are just extensions of Africa and the Sahara. According to the out of Africa theory, when people left Africa then migrated through Yemen and Oman and eventually populated the world. However, the mind of the colonized will always define himself according to the terms the colonizer has set for him. Poor “Arabs” they had Islam and left it and now look at them. Unfortunately, no critical thinking skills leads people to make ad hominem remarks like I am not sure of your nationality and leave of basic facts of Islam, geography, and anthropology. Look at the map, does Yemen look closer to Africa or to Asia? Is the culture of the people of Yemen closer to Africans or Asians? Are there more “Arabs” in Africa or in Asia, proper? (i.e. mainland Asia) Where was the first hijra in Islam? To Ethiopia, a place where Arabs try to distance themselves from to this day. Colonialism was a powerful tool, that caused whole nations to have identity crises and inferiority complex. Oh, and you are welcome…

      • Although it was a long time since I have wrote my comment here but I still remember that it was about a pure scientific geographical and geological mistake, which has nothing to do with religion, politics, culture or philosophy. But appearently you live in the bubble of “everyone hates Islam” so it would be useless to discuss the subject with you. My only wish is that you go and open 5th grade geology book, and read from it.

  3. dagah gademeh

    but another note, actually sham is not syria alone, sham includes ( syria + lebanon + palastine+ jordan + part of iraq) so it’s not syria alone, but syria makes like 40% – 50% of al-sham .

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