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The book just keeps getting better!

So I was reviewing the previous lesson, and I couldn’t decide what to write about. But then, towards the end, I read these two lines, and I was like, BAM! this is it. :D

ولا يمكن لأحد أن يعبر الصراط إلى الجنة إلا إذا اتصف بثلاث صفات وهي:
أن يرضى بالله ربّاً.. وبالإسلام ديناً.. وبمحمد  صلى الله عليه وسلم  رسولاً.

[very rough translation:] “..and it is not possible for anyone to cross as-Siraat (the bridge) that leads to Jannah except that he has three qualities:
That he is pleased with Allah as Rabb, with Islam as religion, and with Muhammad (SAW) as messenger.”

That Bridge, as we know, is not over a body of water. Hell is beneath it, and Paradise at its end. Every single person will be made to cross that bridge on the Day of Judgement. So whoever made it…

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