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I am on a journey that is far and long

I know that this isn’t where I belong

No matter what you say

I’ll stay bold and strong


I’m like a bird separated from its nest

No matter what I do, I cannot rest

Because I know that there is

A place which has eternal bliss


I’m like a boat making way through the waves

There are troubles that I face on the way

But they can’t stop me from being

The best person that I can be


Because if only you could see

What lies ahead for you and me!

Then may be

A stranger you would also be…


A Child’s Religion (Hadith No. 1137)


Volume 2, Book 23, Number 438:

Narrated Anas:

A young Jewish boy used to serve the Prophet and he became sick. So the Prophet went to visit him. He sat near his head and asked him to embrace Islam. The boy looked at his father, who was sitting there; the latter told him to obey Abu-l-Qasim and the boy embraced Islam. The Prophet came out saying: “Praises be to Allah Who saved the boy from the Hell-fire.”

A child is on his/her parents’ religion, as we get to know from another Hadith. When he’s born, he’s on fitrah, but his parents make him a Jew or a Christian etc.

This young Jewish boy was invited to Islam on his death bed by Prophet (SAW). This means that if he died without accepting it, he would’ve entered the Hell-fire. So yes, children deserve da`wah as well.

What if one of the parents is Muslim? What religion is a child on then? Read more on it here.


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