Is Nouman Ali Khan a Deviant?


So the other day my husband came home from work and opened his Facebook in a hurry, said he wanted to see a recently shared clip from Nouman Ali Khan’s Surah Yaseen tafseer series that was creating some sort of hype. I thought to myself, ugh! he’s such a “NAK fanboy” but he would never admit it (LOL)! Anyway, we watch that 6-minute long clip in silence, he turns to me at the end of it with a straight sarcastic face and says, “this is why only scholars should talk about Islam”. My response: “Convey from me, even if it is one verse” [Bukhari]. :3
After some back and forth we agreed that what NAK said wasn’t entirely incorrect, but it was the way he said it. There was disrespect in his sarcasm. And that was that.

Notice the captions during and after the video. Just for laughs. :D

Until.. two days later, Shaykh Assim Alhakeem posted about this video on his Facebook page. He doesn’t take names, but we all know who he’s talking about! Now that was disturbing. He says things he didn’t need to say, for example:

“If he is ignorant, he can be taught, providing he is willing to learn. Unfortunately, when you are too famous and have followers, your ego, driven by Satan would not allow you to do so!”

I is sad. Even sadder to read the comments under this post. Sigh. :(
With utmost respect for the shaykh, I think what he said was a bit too harsh. I’m sure he meant well and was only trying to point out a mistake that could mislead people, but it could have been done in a better way. May Allah reward him for his intention and effort.

Right on!

Right on!

As for Nouman Ali Khan, he is not a scholar, he does an amazing job talking about Quran in a way that hits home with our youth, but is his understanding/opinion always supposed to be correct? Absolutely not. So if he makes a mistake, we can easily overlook it and move on, assuming good of his intentions and praying for his guidance. Take the good and leave the bad. Period.

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  1. Question: How is a layman supposed to take the good and leave the bad? Because he can’t differentiate between the good and bad. Many people in his gathering for example would not consider his words even slightly problematic.

    Yes he said the right thing, but not completely. One can argue that in those days there were not many deviant beliefs and hence no need to write books on Aqeedah. After the sects like mutazilah, qadariyyah etc started to appear the scholars felt the need to define what the correct aqeedah is. Since the deviations of those sects were in specific areas hence the need to differentiate between rububiyyah, uluhiyyah ans isma wa sifaat. These have been there for 100s of years and now if someone says these terms are not in Quran so they are secondary he is not aware of the approach of the Salaf. Also, all these categories are just to differentiate. What is taught in them is nothing other than verses of Quran. They are just categorized for a layman to understand since he himself can’t put together all verses related to that topic himself. See sharh aqeedah wasitiyyah by sh ibn uthaymeen for example.

    As for conveying even a single verse, there are conditions with that as well. One is to not speak what you are not aware of, which sadly no one takes care of. People keep saying we are not scholars yet talk on issues like takfeer, blasphemy etc.

    Lastly, I’ve noticed that more and more speakers, mainly western, feel the need to talk about how Aqeedah isn’t mentioned in Quran so people can chill about Aqeedah books. Yet no one talks about taqleed, which is also not mentioned in Quran. Why does everyone need to warn people not to get much deeply into Aqeedah but they can do everything else they want.. This is what really scares me.

    Indeed knowledge will be taken by the death of scholars. May Allah guide me firstly and everyone else to the straight path and keep us firm on it.

  2. May Allah save us from fitna, shaytan and disunity. Ameen.

  3. Agreed with Brother Umer.
    Another comment I’d like to make, yes we should ignore the mistake of others and move on but actually that depends upon particular situation and we cannot apply this to every situation we come across. For example, if my friend makes a mistake, I should try to correct him or ignore it and move on. But when a public figure who has a large following makes a mistake, we cannot simple forget it and move on, specially when it is related to the very basis of our Deen, the Aqeedah which is Tawheed. If someone makes a mistake in this area then it could shatter the very basis of the whole base of Islam you are constructing your building upon, unless the person who made those comments in public, apologize or rectify in public as well so that everyone who followed his mistake could also rectify their understanding.

    Last but not least, there is only ONE thing that if we do and die upon it then we will be eternal Hell forever and that is “Shirk”, meaning if someone’s Aqeedah of Tawheed isn’t correct then he probably lies into this category. In my opinion, its worth it to leave following NAK and the likes of him million times if there is any little bit of doubt in their Aqeedah because who knows in which lecture/talk of him some of those messed up ideas are transferred to the audience. I will say again, its worth it to leave following such person no matter how much good he has done, because if one’s Aqeedah of Tawheed isnt correct, NONE of his good deed is going to benefit him in Akhirah.

    May Allah give all of us to rectify our mistakes while we are still breathing !

  4. I disagree. Sure he is not a sheikh. But He is an Ustadh. And that means he has more knowledge than common folks like you and me. This is someone who dedicated his life to studying the quran. And who are we? What have we done? Did we even give a chunk of our life to study islam? What knowledge do we have to counter argue what he said? Common sense? Look, I’m not saying he is saint but he is Human. So, Why can’t we give him the benefit of doubt like we would hope someone gave us? Why are we so quick to judge? I didn’t watch the video but I do know he posted a explaination on his fb page. Please check out:

    I apologize if I offended anyone. My intention was to reflect and move on without assuming the worst of someone.

    • Mohammed Javeed Merchant

      Refutation on Nouman Ali Khan

      Question: Is Nouman Ali Khan, the popular English speaker, a follower of Qur’aan and Sunnah or not? And should people with correct Aqeedah listen to him or not?


      All Praise is due to Allaah and may the peace and blessings be upon the messenger of Allaah and upon his family and Companions and those who do ittiba’ of them in goodness until the Day of Judgement.

      Nouman Ali Khan is a non Salafi, Sufi da’ee. From his programs, and his attachment to Sufi personalities, it becomes clear that he is not Salafi. And those people upon the correct Aqeedah should stay far away from, and not listen to the talks of such people who don’t know what Aqeedah is, and in fact make fun of it.

      Number 1: In one talk he said “Did Allaah give great importance to where is Allaah? People ask where is Allaah? Did Allaah ask this question? Did the Messenger of Allaah sallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam ask this question? Did the Sahabah ask it?” (Shaikh provides YouTube url).

      Whereas in the hadeeth of Saheeh Muslim (no. 1227) the noble Prophet sallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam asked a slave girl “where is Allaah?” When he was trying to ascertain whether she has Imaan. To which she answered that Allaah is above the heavens.

      Number 2: He says that someone asked him if we can celebrate the birthday of the Prophet sallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam? He says “I replied that I have no opinion on this. This is not some important issue. Important issues are that today’s youth are using drugs and leaving Islam. You are putting so much effort into is this halal or haram, is this bid’ah or sunnah?” (Shaikh provides YouTube url)

      If we don’t differentiate between sunnah and bid’ah then which Islam is correct or incorrect? The sin of bid’ah is worse than the sins like stealing, consuming intoxicants etc. This is because the person of innovation does it thinking it to be sunnah. Whereas the alcoholic drinks alcohol knowing it to be a sin and tries to repent from it.

      Number 3: He said in his tafseer of Soorah Yasin that a woman came up to him in Kuwait after a talk and said to him. “You should tell the people about this book, and you should teach the correct Aqeedah, Ruboobiyyah, Uloohiyyah, Asma wa Sifaat, so that people can know the correct Aqeedah.”

      And he says I said “thank you, is this book the Qur’aan? Is it a Soorah? She replied it contains such and such topics, it mentions the sects, people do a lot of shirk because they do not know the correct Aqeedah…. I felt as if I’m a mushrik as well. Then she asked don’t you know this stuff? I said “No”. She then asked don’t you want to know about it? I said “No, I don’t want to know either…”.”

      Then he went on to say in refutation of this, “I thought I’ll try to find out where Allaah has talked about Aqeedah. Maybe I can find an ayah of Aqeedah; but I didn’t find the word Aqeedah in the Qur’aan… If this word was really important it would have been in the Qur’aan”

      It becomes clear from this speech of his that this unfortunate person neither knows Arabic, nor knows Deen. But he does know how to speak.

      Amongst the English speaking common people, Nouman Ali Khan is held as a Mufassir of the Qur’aan. We ask him, is “Tafseer” mentioned in the Qur’aan? So then what is Mr Nouman up to? Have the words “Sunnah” and “Hadeeth” come in the Qur’aan with the meaning of ahadeeth of the Messenger sallAllaahu alaihi wa sallam? So are we not to take hadeeth then?

      This lady told him that “people do a lot of shirk because they don’t know the correct Aqeedah”. Despite this Nouman Ali Khan doesn’t see the subject of tawheed as important.
      I (Shaikh RK Noor) don’t know which Islam you give people da’wah to? If saving oneself and others from shirk in Allah’s worship is not Islam then which Islam is it? Islam’s second name is Tawheed. The purpose of revelation of the Qur’aan and all the Heavenly Books and the sending of the Noble Prophets is the Tawheed of Allaah ta’alaa and safety from Shirk.

      This makes it clear that Nouman Ali Khan is unable to recognise the da’wah of the Prophets. Because every Prophet’s da’wah has been to worship Allah alone (Surah Anbiya Ayah 21)

      Even though the word “Aqeedah” itself is not in the Quran, three words derived from its root word are:

      ١ – العقود (ٱوفوا بالعقود) المائده – ١
      ٢ – عقدت (وَالَّذِينَ عَقَدَتْ أَيْمَانُكُمْ) النساء – ٣٣
      ٣ – عقدتم (وَلَٰكِن يُؤَاخِذُكُم بِمَا عَقَّدتُّمُ الْأَيْمَانَ) المائدة- ٨٩

      In these three words the meaning of firmness is found which is contained in the technical meaning of the word Aqeedah. Namely those fundamental things which a person has complete certainty and faith in.

      In respect of the technical meaning of Aqeedah it has come as a word in the hadith (يعتقد) in Sunan Darimi no 229, there is an authentic narration from Zaid bin Thaabit radhiyAllaahu anhu that “Whichever Muslim holds the Aqeedah of three things in his heart will definitely enter paradise…”

      In the noble Quran the word Imaan has been used with the meaning of Aqeedah which Nouman Ali Khan himself admits to, in his talk, when he says ‘nobody has taught Imaan better than the prophets, Imaan or Aqeedah.’

      This clearly shows that Nouman Ali Khan knows that Aqeedah means Imaan, despite this due to partisanship and hatred for the Salafi Manhaj he could not even tolerate the word Aqeedah.

      Tawheed ar Ruboobiyyah, Tawheed al Uloohiyyah and Tawheed ul Asmaa was Sifaat are categorised in this way to help to understand Tawheed. This is due to the fact that people generally understand Tawheed to only mean Ruboobiyyah. However even the kuffaar of the Quraish accepted Allaah as their Rabb. And this categorisation has been taken from the Quran itself and not from any other book.

      However Mr Nouman is so biased that he could not even bring himself to look at the book that this lady had told him about, so that he could examine it to see whether it speaks in the light of the Quran and hadith or without evidence.

      I don’t know if the al Bayyinah institute which he founded and whose logo he wears on his collar even understands the meaning of this word or not.

      Mr Nouman Ali Khan claims to want to stay away from the discussion about the sects whereas the Quran orders to follow the straight path and to stay away from sectarianism, see Surah al An’aam ayah 2.

      Number 4: Nouman Ali Khan is an admirer and supporter of Molana Tariq Jamil, the Sufi. And it is known about Tariq Jamil that he is a Sufi personality. The Salaf taught us that if a person of innovation’s bidah is not becoming clear to us, then at the very least his companionship is not hidden, because the companionship of ahlul bidah is with the ulama of ahlul bidah not with the ulama of ahlul haq.

      Therefore salafi brothers and sisters are requested to keep far away from such people and instead take benefit from the ulama of the truth such as Allaamah Shaikh bin Baaz, Shaikh Albaani, Shaikh ibn Uthaymeen rahimahumullaah, and Shaikh Saalih al Fawzaan and Shaikh Abdul Muhsin al Abaad hafidhahumallaah and their likes, so they can be guided to the true deen.

      May Allaah allow us all to be steadfast upon the truth.

      Written by Dr. R.K. Noor Muhammad Umari Madani
      Vice President, Jamiat Ahlul Hadith, Tamil Nadu India

    • Ameen to the Duas.

      Sister Muslimah92, we only judge by the apparent now since there is no more revelation. We are not judging the condition of someone’s heart, but only the words he is saying openly. This is not the first time as well. Western speakers no doubt have connected youth to Islam, but is it worth it if done on the cost of neglecting Aqeedah?

      No we are not presenting a counter argument based on common sense, but on the opinion of millions of scholars from the time of the prophet pbuh who gave ample importance to this subject which people the lightly these days. Now today if a young speaker who hasn’t studied properly from teachers and has mainly relied on his knowledge of Arabic to interpret the Quran, goes against the scholars of the past and present then yes he is wrong and this does not mean we are judging his heart’s condition. We are judging him based on what he presents to us.

      And Allah is the source of all guidance.

    • Aminurashed Bin Ami

      السلام عليكم

      My good sister.

      The main reason why this issue needs to be rectified publicly is to protect the one who have received the erroneous message in order for them to be rightly guided.

      This is especially so if the recipient of the original message has little knowledge and Islamic foundation.

      May Allah guide us all and forgive our errors and shortcomings. May He shower us with mercy and allow us to rectify our mistakes. May He grant us the ability to live as true Muslims, die as Muslims and be resurrected among pious Muslims.


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