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The Heart’s Lament


Is it really wrong to feel

Like you’re caught in between two extremes?

For the liberal fascist, unseen,

While for others, almost short of being queen!

Amongst family, misunderstood

Despite all the trials you withstood

To be where you are today,

Your conscience bright as day,

Not a soul can your mind sway,

Yet this battle won’t let you stay

Your soul is restless

The climb is making you breathless

The mountaintop is crystal clear

Your eyes begin to tear

Must struggle to overcome

All other senses numb

Soul reaches out to the One

Yet your work will not be done

Till prayer, sacrifice, living and dying all

Are solely for Allah, The Lord of the worlds.


Last two lines inspired by the Qur’anic Verse 162 from Chapter 6 (Al An’am)



Background: A lot of stuff has been written and said on the subject of “to hijab or not to hijab” and how practicing Muslimahs are “oppressed”. For those who don’t know, social media suddenly erupted into a battle between the FEMEN activists who set out on the mission to “liberate” muslim women. In response, Muslim women did a counter-campaign with the hashtag #MuslimahPride depicting that they have a voice and don’t need “liberating”. Obviously, our very own homegrown liberals could not stay out of the action and came up with an article called “Thank You, Dear Muslimaat” which sarcastically ridiculed the #MuslimahPride campaign. In view of all this, I was compelled to break my hiatus from poetry, and felt the need to respond. Because, sometimes, enough is enough!  JazakAllah Khair to Br. Omer Chaudhry for helping me complete it! 


With a heavy heart I do relate,

The tale of a soul so sedate;

Society’s shackles bound her down,

While she was born to be crowned.

To live her life she longs to be free;

Governed not by fools but the Divine Decree.

While you blame her for bowing to the status quo,

What she truly wants, do you even know?

She’s tired of being told that she is “oppressed”,

Of being dictated how to dress to impress!

If being independent and free means killing her soul,

Then spare her from playing the “feminist” role.

She needs no soldier or knight in shining armour

To rescue her from society’s constructed tower.

A mind shining bright with the light of knowledge,

Longs not for approval or people who acknowledge.

What she needs is the freedom to practice her Deen,

So she rises to the status given to her of a Queen.

So cut the sarcasm with your “Dear Muslimaat”!

Your ideology from ours is way too apart.

La Tahzan (Don’t be sad)

Idea started from a single SMS of consolation and title suggested by brother Omer.


Alhamdulillah for the roof over my head,
Alhamdulillah for this slice of bread,
When life seems hard and moments are tense
And your past is a story you’d rather forget
Look around you at the things that you own
All the blessings with which you’ve grown.
But don’t forget those around you
Who, unlike you, have so few.
Hold the hand of those who are frail,
Look into their eyes and feel their pain,
Doing so makes you realise its true,
There are many hurting more than you.
So be grateful for all that you have
And snub Satan who makes you sad.

Is this what they call Jihad?

 The outcome of some internal struggle, as is obvious from the massive gap in my posts…  


Time to pick up my pen and let it flow,

Leave impressions wherever it goes

As it maps my mind and my heart too,

The struggle begins between the two.

While control is what one of them seeks,

The other makes me fall to my knees.

The pen, oblivious, has its say,

Neither mind nor heart know their way;

While this inner struggle tears me apart,

“Have patience, child,” whispers my heart,

“The world will fall at your feet

The day your stubborn nafs admits defeat.”

Girl, you’re beautiful!

Dil ka parda* is more important”, they say;
Do not let their judgements sway
Your resolve and your faith,
For good comes to those who wait

This world is not the real deal,
Don’t let it from your conscience, steal
When it guides you to what is right;
There’s more to strength than physical might.

This covering up is really hard,
While society continuously whispers, “discard!”
Tell them it’s not for them to decide,
Allah is your Companion, your Guide.

They say, “you’re beautiful, can’t you see?”
But what of humility and modesty?
There’s more to beauty than what meets the eye,
That is a fact which no one can deny!

* an Urdu phrase – when literally translated means “veil of the heart” but actually refers to the concept of modesty being in the heart. It’s a phrase often used to say that it’s more important to be modest in your heart than covering yourself outwardly.

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