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Focusing in Salah (Hadith No. 369)


When we’re offering Salah, our attention should be focused on the conversation we’re having with Allah (SWT). (Yes, you’re supposed to know what you’re saying!)
Anything that diverts your attention from Allah, should be removed. It can be uneasy clothes, too colorful/embroidered clothes, designs on the prayer mat etc. Prophet (SAW) got rid of the clothes which diverted his attention from Salah. (Takes courage!)

Volume 1, Book 8, Number 369:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

the Prophet prayed in a Khamisa (a square garment) having marks. During the prayer, he looked at its marks. So when he finished the prayer he said, “Take this Khamisa of mine to Abu Jahm and get me his Inbijaniya (a woolen garment without marks) as it (the Khamisa) has diverted my attention from the prayer.”

What, then, do you think of those thoughts that flood your mind when you’re ‘reciting’ the Salah? What’s a good way to get rid of them?


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