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Perfection of Prayer (Hadith No. 674)


Volume 1, Book 11, Number 674:

Narrated Anas:

The Prophet used to pray a short prayer (in congregation) but used to offer it in a perfect manner.

Perfection of prayer. What is it? Establishing it, praying regularly and on time, performing all sujud, ruku`, qiyaam etc. properly, and giving each position ‘time’. We get to know from different narrations the way that Prophet (SAW) used to pray. His each and every action and move have been recorded in Ahadith (awesome observation of Companions!).

Companions say that the Prophet (SAW) used to perform the Salah in a perfect manner. He used to give each position time. When in ruku`, he would stay in that position for a while, make the ruku` last long, and then change his position. Similarly, when getting back up from the ruku` position, he would give it time, let the body settle in standing position, and then go down for sajdah. Get it?

Now you check your Salah. Or let somebody else check it for you and point out your mistakes. Because if you don’t offer your Salah ‘perfectly’, you’re not following the Sunnah. And what good is all the effort then?

Annnnyway, check the speed of your Salah. Even if your prayer is short, do you perform it ‘perfectly’? Do you give Salah its due right? Or do you just do some exercise five times a day everyday?


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