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Sunan + Nawafil of the Prophet [SAW] (Ahadith 963 – 977)


Volume 2, Book 21, Number 264:

Narrated Abu Qatada bin Rabi Al-Ansari;

The Prophet said, “If anyone of you enters a Mosque, he should not sit until he has offered a two-Rakat prayer.”

Details on tahiyyat-ul-masjid here.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 265:

Narrated Anas bin Malik

Allah’s Apostle led us and offered a two Rakat prayer and then went away.

Not sure which incident this is. So no comments.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 266:

Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar:

I offered with Allah’s Apostle a two Rakat prayer before the Zuhr prayer and two Rakat after the Zuhr prayer, two Rakat after Jumua, Maghrib and ‘Isha’ prayers.

These two-rak`at prayers are the Sunnah prayers that Prophet (SAW) offered regularly.

About the Sunnah prayer with Dhuhr prayer, Imaam Abu Hanifa, Abu Yousuf and Muhammad (scholars of Hadith) say that one may pray two or four rak`aat, however he desires. But should not increase the number (four is the max. limit).

About the Sunnah prayers after `Ishaa’ prayer, Imaam Abu Hanifa says that one may pray two, four, six or eight rak`aat. But should not pray more than that.

Note: these are opinions of scholars. Not words of the Prophet (SAW).

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 267:

Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah :

While delivering a sermon, Allah’s Apostle said, “If anyone of you comes while the Imam is delivering the sermon or has come out for it, he should offer a two Rakat prayer.”

Refer back to the Hadith on top.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 268:

Narrated Mujahid:

Somebody came to the house of Ibn ‘Umar and told him that Allah’s Apostles had entered the Ka’ba. Ibn ‘Umar said, “I went in front of the Ka’ba and found that Allah’s Apostle had come out of the Ka’ba and I saw Bilal standing by the side of the gate of the Ka’ba. I said, ‘O Bilal! Has Allah’s Apostle (p.b.u.h) prayed inside the Ka’ba?’ Bilal replied in the affirmative. I said, ‘Where (did he pray)?’ He replied, ‘(He prayed) Between these two pillars and then he came out and offered a two Rakat prayer in front of the Ka’ba.’ ” Abu ‘Abdullah said: Abu Huraira said, “The Prophet (p.b.u.h) advised me to offer two Rakat of Duha prayer (prayer to be offered after sunrise and before midday). ” Itban (bin Malik) said, “Allah’s Apostle (p.b.u.h) and Abu Bakr, came to me after sunrise and we aligned behind the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and offered two Rakat.”

More on praying inside the Ka`bah here.

Read up on the Duha prayer here.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 269:

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

I offered with the Prophet two Rakat before the Zuhr and two Rakat after the Zuhr prayer; two Rakat after Maghrib, Isha’ and the Jumua prayers. Those of the Maghrib and ‘Isha’ were offered in his house. My sister Hafsa told me that the Prophet used to offer two light Rakat after dawn and it was the time when I never went to the Prophet.”

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 270:

Narrated ‘Amr:

I heard Abu Ash-sha’tha’ Jabir saying, “I heard Ibn Abbas saying, ‘I offered with Allah’s Apostle eight Rakat (of Zuhr and ‘Asr prayers) together and seven Rakat (the Maghrib and the ‘Isha’ prayers) together.’ ” I said, “O Abu Ash-shatha! I think he must have prayed the Zuhr late and the ‘Asr early; the ‘Isha early and the Maghrib late.” Abu Ash-sha’tha’ said, “I also think so.” (See Hadith No. 518 Vol. 1).

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 271:

Narrated Muwarriq:

I asked Ibn ‘Umar “Do you offer the Duha prayer?” He replied in the negative. I further asked, “Did ‘Umar use to pray it?” He (Ibn ‘Umar) replied in the negative. I again asked, “Did Abu Bakr use to pray it?” He replied in the negative. I again asked, “Did the Prophet use to pray it?” Ibn ‘Umar replied, “I don’t think he did.”

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 272:

Narrated ‘Abdur Rahman bin Abi Laila:

Only Um Hani narrated to me that she had seen the Prophet offering the Duha prayer. She said, “On the day of the conquest of Mecca, the Prophet entered my house, took a bath and offered eight Rakat (of Duha prayers). I had never seen the Prophet offering such a light prayer but he performed bowing and prostrations perfectly.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 273:

Narrated ‘Aisha:

I never saw the Prophet offering the Duha prayer but I always offer it.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 274:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

My friend (the Prophet) advised me to do three things and I shall not leave them till I die, these are: To fast three days every month, to offer the Duha prayer, and to offer Witr before sleeping.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 275t:

Narrated Anas bin Sirin:

I heard Anas bin Malik al-Ansari saying, “An Ansari man, who was very fat, said to the Prophet, ‘I am unable to present myself for the prayer with you.’ He prepared a meal for the Prophet and invited him to his house. He washed one side of a mat with water and the Prophet offered two Rakat on it.” So and so, the son of so and so, the son of Al-Jarud asked Anas, “Did the Prophet use to offer the Duha prayer?” Anas replied, “I never saw him praying (the Duha prayer) except on that day.”

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 275:

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar:

I remember ten Rakat of Nawafil from the Prophet, two Rakat before the Zuhr prayer and two after it; two Rakat after Maghrib prayer in his house, and two Rakat after ‘Isha’ prayer in his house, and two Rakat before the Fajr prayer and at that time nobody would enter the house of the Prophet Hafsa told me that the Prophet used to offer two Rakat after the call maker had made the Adhan and the day had dawned.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 276:

Narrated Aisha:

The Prophet never missed four Rakat before the Zuhr prayer and two Rakat before the Fajr prayer.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 277:

Narrated ‘Abdullah Al-Muzni:

The Prophet said, “Pray before the Maghrib (compulsory) prayer.” He (said it thrice) and in the third time, he said, “Whoever wants to offer it can do so.” He said so because he did not like the people to take it as a tradition.

About the two rak`aat before Maghrib prayer.

Volume 2, Book 21, Number 278:

Narrated Marthad bin ‘Abdullah Al-Yazani:

I went to ‘Uqba bin ‘Amir Al-Juhani and said, “Is it not surprising that Abi Tamim offers two Rakat before the Maghrib prayer?” ‘Uqba said, “We used to do so in the life-time of Allah’s Apostle.” I asked him, “What prevents you from offering it now?” He replied, “Business.”

So apart from Tahajjud, Prophet (SAW) used to offer various sunan and nawafil during the day and night. To name a few:

  • two rak`aat before Fajr
  • Duha prayer
  • two rak`aat upon entering the mosque: tahiyyat-ul-masjid
  • two/four rak`aat before Dhuhr
  • two rak`aat after Dhuhr
  • two rak`aat after Jumu`ah
  • two rak`aat before Maghrib
  • two rak`aat after Maghrib
  • two rak`aat after `Ishaa’
  • witr
  • two rak`aat inside the Ka`bah

Do you pray them all?


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