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When The Earth Starts To Shake…

In light of the frequently occurring earthquakes these days… Most of these signs can be found in various Hadiths of the Prophet (SallAllaahu Alaiyhi Wasallam). I tried to find the ones I could. See the links in sha Allah.


As we reach close to the end of times

The earth gets filled with sins and crimes


When Humans worse than animals behave

When a child treats his own mother as a slave (1)


When false prophets start to increase in number (2)

When you wake people up but they prefer to slumber


When the most loved person is a liar and deceiver

When the most hated person is a faithful believer


When even Muslims start believing in false prophecies

When no one is afraid of committing hypocrisy


When killing someone becomes a piece of cake

When while taking a life, a person’s hands don’t even shake (3)


When children of fornication are born everyday

When people stop caring if someone goes astray


When all of this gets too much to take

Then that is when the earth frequently starts to shake… (4)

Graph provided by DL Research -

Graph provided by DL Research –


A cry for justice

Written post 9/11. Somehow this still holds true for oppressed Muslim nations.

She crouches in a corner of her humble abode,
Fear writ large in her light brown eyes.
In her heart she cries out to the world,
“How much more will we be terrorized?”

All around her there’s chaos and confusion,
None aware of this girl’s silent appeal.
Bullets are flying and people are dying.
Fear grips her heart like a hand of steel.

All of a sudden she sees a light,
Out of the window high in the sky.
For a moment she thinks in wonder,
“What is this light, so bright, so high?”

Then she hears a voice from somewhere within,
“Don’t fear little girl, keep your hopes high,
Wipe your tears and stand on your feet
And face your troubles with head held high!”

Reality is forced back onto her,
As she hears a scream of fright.
All fears forgotten, she rushes to the spot,
And there her eyes behold a horrific sight.

All around, there are bodies covered in blood,
Some mutilated and some burned alive.
Then a flicker of movement catches her eye,
She’s full of relief, seeing someone alive.

She rushes to the body, it’s her brother.
He commands her in a hoarse voice,
“Take my rifle and charge at those savages,
Kill them and punish them for their vice!”

“But brother, how?” she says in reply.
“Just do it!” he says, “Do as I say,
Remember what I taught you, don’t fear death,
Say a prayer and fight all the way.”

She picks up the rifle and prays in her heart,
Then charges at the savages, her head held up.
She fears not death and fights all the way,
Though bullets pierce her, she does not give up.

After a few minutes, silence reigns all.
The girl lies martyred as was her fate.
But her heart still cries out for justice,
Think and do something before it’s too late!

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