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Because What If You Sleep and Never Wake Up?

Inspiration: A status of Shahraiz Tabassam, which is the title of this poem (or at least that’s what I remember it was). I told him I’d write something on this and he said I better get credits for it. Although he was joking but I do owe him a jazakAllah khayr for putting that up :) Check out his work here

P.S. I’m reading this at SIST ’13 insha’Allah :) Do pray Allah gives me the courage and wisdom to carry it out properly! 


We slumber as time passes by

On this strange journey that we’re on

Rarely do we wake up and realize

We need to worry about what’s going on

Do we even care on those occasions?

When we find someone who never arose?

Lying there, breathless, soulless…

Everyone around them when is morose…

Have we ever thought about what happens to him?

Who’s not able now to follow his whim?

Depends when the angels came to take his soul

Was he doing a good deed or was he doing a sin?


How prepared are we?













And what would happen to us? – The arrogant ones!

So thoughtlessly pointing the mistakes of one another!

But how do we feel when the Quran is recited?

Take it in enjoyment or do we ever shudder?

And what do we do when it’s time for Salah?

Keep going on with our routine works?

Or do we leave everything and say Labbaiyk

When we hear the caller saying “Hayya ‘Alal Falah, Hayya ‘Alal Falah”


No need to be amused

Cuz I’m really confused

Is all of this just a dream?

And all I need to do is scream!

If this world is just a lie

Would I wake up only when I die?

NO I need to take a stand

Start obeying HIS command

Time to solve this mystery

What happened is all history

Can’t wait for Death to wake me up

When angels come and shake me up

I need to know the answers

Of all the questions I’ll be asked


But first, I need to break free from the society that has chained me up

Because what if I go to sleep and never really wake up!



Quick Fajr Sunnahs (Hadith No. 807)


Volume 2, Book 16, Number 807:

Narrated Anas bin Sirin:

I asked Ibn ‘Umar, “What is your opinion about the two Rakat before the Fajr (compulsory) prayer, as to prolonging the recitation in them?” He said, “The Prophet (p.b.u.h) used to pray at night two Rakat followed by two and so on, and end the prayer by one Raka Witr. He used to offer two Rakat before the Fajr prayer immediately after the Adhan.” (Hammad, the sub-narrator said, “That meant (that he prayed) quickly.)”

Similar Hadith here.

  1. Prophet (SAW) used to pray two rak`aat (Sunnah) before Fajr prayer right after the Adhaan.
  2. He prayed them quickly or lightly, meaning he did not prolong recitation in them.
  3. We get to know from other narrations that he used to recite Surah al-Kafiroon in the first rak`ah and Surah al-Ikhlaas in the second rak`ah of the Fajr Sunnah prayers.

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) recited in the two supererogatory Rak`ah of the Fajr prayer Surat Al-Kafirun (No. 109) [in the first Rak`ah], and Surat Al-Ikhlas (No. 112) [in the second rak`ah].

Gets interesting:

He [SAWS] heard a man reciting the former soorah in the first rak’ah (Surah Kafiroon), so he said, “This is a slave who believes in his Lord.” Then the man recited the latter soorah in the second rak’ah (Surah Ikhlas), so he said, “This is a slave who knows his Lord.”

[Al-Albani in “The Prophet’s Prayer Described”]

And here’s a nice relative blog post I came across. :)


The Fajr Prayer of Friday (Hadith No. 714)


Volume 2, Book 13, Number 714:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet used to recite the following in the Fajr prayer of Friday, “Alif Lam Mim, Tanzil” (Surat-as-Sajda #32) and “Hal-ata-`ala-l-Insani” (i.e. Surah-Ad-Dahr #76).

If you didn’t know this, chances are people around you don’t know either. Spread the word. Yes, Imaams of masajid (mosques) too!


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