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The Meaning of Love

It was considered something sacred

They named that feeling Love

Not knowing what purpose it served

They took it as a blessing from Above


Then they started guessing what it was

No one to guide them through the way

They didn’t look at the Manual they were given

And slowly started going astray


It was made for a mother to love her child

And a father so on his son he wouldn’t be harsh

And specially to recognize the One Who made it

So it would help heal people’s broken hearts


So it would make them kind, and loving, and gentle

So hate and jealousy would be despised

But how the cursed one tricked us to misuse it

On that, today, we’re all surprised


Now people take it for romance and lust

And we had to pay a terrible cost

That on it most have lost their trust

And the real meaning of Love was lost


Image not mine. All rights reserved by Jody T. Photography.

All rights reserved by Jody T. Photography

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