The Forgotten Gift


Br. Omer Shahid, Sr. Mariam Riaz and Sr. Hajrah Khawar will be sharing their poetry with us from now on in this section.

Br. Omer says:

Assalam u Alaikum!

So we’re starting a poetry section on this blog. I’m Omer Shahid, a student of BS in Mechanical Engineering from GIKI, and I would be running this page In sha Allah. I started writing poetry when I was in Class 7 and after that I never really payed any attention to it, lol. Until last summer, when I wrote a few poems and thought of writing a book but I didn’t have much support. But now, a month ago, I found out about this amazing organization Youth Club, whose purpose is to make this society a better place by inspiring positive change in the Youth of today. And I can confidently say they’re doing their job! Since EVERYONE there is so inspiring masha Allah and they push you to discover yourself and find what you’re good at, keeping religion as the main ingredient. So I had no choice but to become a member of YC, and now I’ve written many poems recently and would continue to do so insha Allah. =)

Sr. Mariam says:

Asalaamu Alaykum!

My name is Mariam Riaz, a Graphic Designer by qualification, a Senior Web Editor by profession and a writer at heart. I will be assisting brother Omer in the poetry section entitled, “The Forgotten Gift”. I’ve been writing, in general, ever since I started consciously thinking about things around me. I wrote my first poem when I was 12, but started writing poetry regularly in my late teens. Some of my poetry is a little abstract/indirect because I want the reader to think about it and draw their own conclusions. Please bear with me! :)

Writing is an amazing process of not only expressing yourself, but also of discovering oneself. Ever since I’ve realised my purpose in life, I want to use this medium not only to share my experiences but also to communicate what I’ve learnt for the benefit of others.

May Allah (SWT) accept this endeavour and enable me to use it entirely for His sake. Looking forward to this fantastic journey, inshaAllah! :D

Sr. Hajrah Khawar says:

Assalam u ‘alaykum.

I am Hajrah Khawar and I like to introduce myself as a Muslim and student of knowledge. During my school years, I once wrote a poem on rain while studying at night for my maths exam. :P And then forgot about the existence of poetry in my life. Three months back it came to me in a rush of inspiration. Then things started happening, my friends caught me and on this blog I’ve been dragged at last. :D
This is one of the amazing things about Islam, it lets you discover, use and polish your skills, enjoy them and earn reward too. May Allah enable this to be a source of salvation for me and my fellow bloggers in the hereafter, and may this bring positive change in people’s lives. Say ameen. :)

P.S.  I am only an amateur, don’t expect pro stuff. We have got some amazing poets in this section though. Stay tuned!

To search for poems by Br. Omer Shahid, Sr. Mariam Riaz and/or Sr. Hajrah Khawar, search posts under this category: The Forgotten Gift.
I hope you’ll benefit greatly from this project inshaAllah.
Keep us in your prayers!


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