Forks & Knives (Hadith No. 207)


How often have you heard that eating with spoons, forks and knives goes against the Sunnah? And that we should try to eat with our fingers only..? Well, it ought to be proven wrong. Read on..

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 207:

Narrated Ja’far bin ‘Amr bin Umaiya:

My father said, “I saw Allah’s Apostle taking a piece of (cooked) mutton from the shoulder region and then he was called for prayer. He put his knife down and prayed without repeating ablution.”

He was cutting meat with a knife. Say what? :D

Hence it is proven! Cutlery can and may be used while eating. It’s a Sunnah! :)


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  1. hey i have ordered a rambo knife from china for purpose of making animals halal because there is no halal serving shops and restaurents in here in jalandhar punjab where i am currently studying ,
    now the customs are telling me that you cannot keep a knife with you as this is prohibited by the law .

    how can i prove to them that this is for my religious purposes .i have heard that keeping a weapon with you in a house is a sunnah also .please tell me the ruling on this and details also please

  2. U make sure of hadith authentic or not

    Narrator jaffar bin umayaiah ..

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