I Love Muhammad (SAW)

In light of the on-going Violent protests…

True or not, I won’t judge your “Love”

But know that you’re being watched by the One above

At Fajr Salah you’re hardly awake

But doing violent protests is a piece of cake

Muhammad (SAW) was sent as a mercy to humanity

And we, we’ve crossed all bounds of insanity!

He respected the life and properties of others

Protecting the honor of daughters, sisters and mothers

We claim to love him, but how do we know if it’s real?

Since instead of following him, we break stuff and we steal!

Everyone got offended; every Muslim got hurt

Blasphemers are defended; at least our homes are burnt!!


Would Muhammad (SAW) love this? I wish we only knew

While not everyone, but it might stop a few

Who are busy sucking the blood of their own brothers dry!

“We WILL protest, whether you live or you die!??”

How is this love, if somebody is weeping?

Our minds are furious but our hearts are sleeping…

I wish we wake up and learn about him more

Before the time comes when on this earth we will be no more

And the angels come in our grave and ask “What do you know about this man?*

And we start to stammer and try to answer what we can

And if your love was true, then you will surely reply

But if it was not, then know that you will cry


So it’s time to act NOW and KNOW about this Great Man!

Adopt his qualities, at least, whatever we can!

And Allah will surely love you, if you love his most beloved slave

From the torment of Hell, by His will, you will be saved

I wish people understand the true meaning of LOVE

Since obedience with sincerity, is the only thing that matters above…


*This is one of the three questions that would be asked in the Grave.


About Omer

Poet | Blogger | Mechanical Engineer | Member of Youth Club | Student of the Quran and Hadith

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  1. Very well-written mashaAllah. JazakAllah khayr!

  2. Love it! MashaAllah! BarakAllah Fi ilmik.

  3. All praise be to Allah SWT. wa iyyaaki. And does that mean “may Allah increase you in Ilm?” ^^^ I mean if it’s a dua then Ameen!

  4. Beautiful Work….. MashaAllah <3 BarakAllah feek!

  5. I guess it means may Allah put Barakah in your ilm, as there are two separate du’as that I know, parts of which are ‘Allahumma innee a’oodhubika min ‘ilmi la yanfa”, and ‘Allahumma innee asaluka ‘ilm-an-nafi’an’.

    So sister was praying that you seek ‘ilm-an-nafi’an.

    And excellent poem bro, Masha’Allah. I wish someone were to gain something out of it.

  6. Masha Allah! (Y) I so love it Omar bhai.
    This poem actually needs to be printed in Sunday news. So that every single guy would learn something from it..

  7. Short and to the point. Jazakumullah khayr.

  8. MashaAllah, this is the real deal! This is how we should behave, May Allah guide us all. (Ameen)

  9. Ameen to all the duas! jazakmullah khayr to everyone and wa anta fajazakmullahu khayran! :)

  10. It was a very good effort on your part!! Keep it up!! :)

  11. Masha’ALLAH. Very well written.
    May ALLAH SWT be with us all. Ameen.

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