Manners (Hadith No. 218)


Hadith no. 217 is a repeat. Read it here.

Volume 1, Book 4, Number 218:

Narrated Anas bin Malik:

The Prophet saw a Bedouin urinating in the mosque and told the people not to disturb him. When he finished, the Prophet asked for some water and poured it over (the urine).

You see that a lot nowadays? I don’t think so.
Check out the Prophet (SAW)’s wisdom here. He doesn’t disturb the person urinating because that’ll be dangerous for him psychologically. And when he’s done, instead of rebuking him, he pours water over it himself! He doesn’t scold him for doing it because he was a Bedouin. He didn’t know that urinating in a mosque is a bad thing.

Lesson: give margin to others.



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  1. Many know this story but they don’t realize how to implement it in their own lives. Nowadays there are so many times when Muslims who are trying to become closer to Allah(SWT) go and pray in the mosque. They perhaps make some mistake of wearing the wrong color or the wrong clothes or praying in a different way than those around them and they are publicly reprimanded and humiliated – causing them to never return to the masjid!

    Look at how tolerant our beloved Prophet (SAW) was when someone was urinating in the mosque! How can we be so intolerant and un-welcoming to those around us trying to do the right thing?

    Beautiful blog sister.

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