Praying During Sunrise (Ahadith 555-558)


Volume 1, Book 10, Number 555:

Narrated ‘Umar:

“The Prophet forbade praying after the Fajr prayer till the sun rises and after the ‘Asr prayer till the sun sets.”

Hadith no. 556 as above.

Volume 1, Book 10, Number 557:

Narrated Hisham’s father:

Ibn ‘Umar said, “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Do not pray at the time of sunrise and at the time of sunset.’ ” Ibn ‘Umar said, “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘If the edge of the sun appears (above the horizon) delay the prayer till it becomes high, and if the edge of the sun disappears, delay the prayer till it sets (disappears completely).’ “

Volume 1, Book 10, Number 558:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Apostle forbade two kinds of sales, two kinds of dresses, and two prayers. He forbade offering prayers after the Fajr prayer till the rising of the sun and after the ‘Asr prayer till its setting. He also forbade “Ishtimal-Assama” and “al-Ihtiba” in one garment in such a way that one’s private parts are exposed towards the sky. He also forbade the sales called “Munabadha” and “Mulamasa.” (See Hadith No. 354 and 355 Vol. 3).

Reason: some people worship the sun. they specifically pray when the sun is rising/setting. Muslims are ordered to differentiate.


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  1. what if u get late for fajr and wake up just as the sun is about to rise? Can the fardh Fajr prayer be offered during sunrise or should one wait for 10 mins? This always confuses me..

    • That’s a good question. And people have different opinions on this.
      One is, that you wait, as Prophet (SAW) ordered in the above mentioned Ahadith. The other is that you can pray the fardh prayer because according to a Hadith, if we forget to offer a prayer and it gets delayed, we’re ordered to pray the fardh prayer as soon as we remember it. I go with the second one. Allahu A’lam.

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